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Sri Komatireddy Venkat Reddy was born on 23rd May in 1963 at Brahmana Vellemla in the Narketpally Mandal of Nalgonda District.  He hails from a middle class family, which family was then eking out a living on the moderate returns from their agricultural land.  His father, Sri Komatireddy Papi Reddy was the village munsif, locally known as the village patwaari.  Sri Venkat Reddy is the eighth of the nine children in all, five brothers and four sisters.  His mother Smt Suseelamma, was a housewife assisting in and supervising the agricultural activities of the family.

Sri Venkat Reddy completed his initial school education up to 5th standard in his native village, studied 6th and 7th classes in a nearby village, Nereda, and then arrived in Hyderabad to complete High School education at Government High School in Malakpet.  After completing Intermediate Education at Saifabad New Science College, he joined CBIT to study Engineering which he had to discontinue for reasons otherwise.  It was ever since his entry into the Saifabad New Science College till he joined the CBIT that he had been an active member of that popular student organization, NSUI, the student wing of the Indian National Congress.

It was at that moment Sri Venkat Reddy’s elder brother, Sri Komatireddy Anil Reddy, was running Sushee Hi-tech Constructions which he joined and continued to supervise for a few years ahead.  It was when he was working for this Constructions Firm, he was married to Ms Sabitha in the year 1993, the daughter of an employee in the Planning Department and a native of the District of Medak.

An active participant in the NSUI as a student at various levels of his education, Sri Venkat Reddy entered politics again as the General Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) in 1995 which paved for him the virtual way for politics, especially the political activity in the District of Nalgonda.  The regional party Telugu Desham then was the ruling authority in the state during which period Sri Venkat Reddy took active part in the agitations like the one against the electricity charges hike.  One noteworthy agitation that was led by Sri Venkat Reddy was that big rally displaying thousands of empty pots with the slogan Taagu Neeru Saagu neeru (Water to Drink and Water for Farming), which culminated in a huge public meeting at the NG college grounds in the town of Nalgonda.

Another significant contribution by Sri Venkat Reddy to the Congress party in the capacity of a Youth Congress leader was the part he played in winning a vast majority in the Local Body elections in 1995.  This saga of his political activity and his contribution to the Congress Party had been continuing to the point of the realization of his dream of becoming an MLA in 1999 representing the Nalgonda Constituency.  In spite of his winning the election as an Indian National Congress nominee over the then CPM sitting MLA Sri Nandyala Narsimha Reddy, he had to wait till the following tenure of the elections to exercise his say in the Government because then the Telugu Desam Party came to power when he was first elected to the Assembly.

Nevertheless, as a member of the opposition party he did his lot to boost up the image of the Congress Party by leading certain agitations especially for the cause of the farmers.  It was Sri Venkat Reddy who played a key role in the agitation for the supply of seeds, at a time when the TDP Government in authority was showing a step-motherly love towards the agricultural farming in the state.  Then the government went to the extent of taking Sri Venkat Reddy to the police custody for the reason that he was then supporting the cause of the farmers.

Another remarkable movement Sri Venkat Reddy brought to the fore was the hunger strike led by him to put pressure on the government to come to the rescue of the fluorine affected lot in the District of Nalgonda by arranging for the supply of the Krishna waters for them to drink.  The result of this agitation was that the government had no other go but to jump into immediate action and begin with the project for the supply of the Krishna water to a large number of fluorine affected villages in the District.

Years rolled on and then came the 2004 Assembly elections when interestingly the Congress Party, the CPI, the CPM and the TRS alliance contested against the TDP all over the state, except in the Nalgonda constituency where the CPM fielded its candidate in the name of ‘a friendly contest’.  However, it was Sri Venkat Reddy who won the battle to become the MLA for the second term.

Numerous are Sri Venkat Reddy’s mention-worthy achievements and contributions primarily to the Constituency and then to the District at large.  First, it was during this term that the Underground Drainage System project was taken up at the budgetary estimation of Rs 50 crore, and for certain reasons, like some untoward hitches in procuring land for sewerage treatment plant, the work could not be completed within the stipulated time.  However, the work is about to be completed in a short while to come.   It is also to be added that the Storm Water Drainage work with an expenditure of Rs 36 crore was taken up simultaneously with the underground drainage project and was completed.

Secondly, this inevitable delay in the drainage work apart, the subsequently taken up Rs 60 crore project of laying CC roads in the town was taken up very immediately and almost every road, including lanes and bye lanes, is today very beautifully developed to the comfort of all sorts of users of the road, except a negligible few lanes or bye lanes here and there still waiting completion, of course in the near future, for some technical reasons of little significance.

Another noteworthy project, wherein was a larger involvement of Sri Venkat Reddy, that got an immediate approval and was subsequently finished on a war-footing was the railway over-bridge which has now done away with a hundred traffic problems that both the commuters in and out and the local residents had hitherto been facing.

To be placed on record next is the completion of Aliminati Madhava Reddy Project (AMRP), erstwhile known as the SLBC project.  All distributaries, major canals and minor canals were brought into use helping cultivation in thousands of acres in the District.

Facilitating the flow of the Krishna river waters to drink to the far away fluorine affected villages in the district is another major achievement by Sri Venkat Reddy during this tenure of his as MLA.

A very remarkably noticeable accomplishment that today has turned out to be a boon not only to the people of the Nalgonda District but to the young scholars hailing from the adjoining Districts is bringing to the threshold of the town of Nalgonda that great Mahatma Gandhi University, it goes without saying, in which Sri Venkat Reddy played a pivotal role.

Further more, there are some major projects where works are in progress. One such project is the Rs 3000 crore Srisailam Underground Tunnel Project, on completion of which the Krishna waters will be flowing to the AMRP distributaries directly through the canals replacing the present need for dependence on the Lift systems.  Another major project work in progress at an estimated cost of Rs 700 crore is the Brahmana Vellemla Lift Irrigation Scheme.

It was with the initiation and committed interest of Sri Venkat Reddy that the Dharmareddipally canal and the Pillaipally canal works were taken up to provide water from the Moosi river for irrigating agricultural lands spreading over Choutuppal, Ramannapeta, Chityala and Narketpally mandals. The Dharmareddipally canal work has already been completed while the pillaipally canal work is near completion.

The people of the Constituency of Nalgonda had been evincing that lot of confidence combined with a genuine affection and love in Sri Venkat Reddy that they elected him as MLA for the third time in 2009, and now the then Dr.Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy Government conferred on him, as a token of acknowledgment of his service to his people and the party, the honour of giving him the cabinet rank in the ministry.  However, a number of twists and turns in the government the party and the people of the state had to witness following the death of the Chief Minister Dr.Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy.  These ultimately culminated in the simultaneous revival and fast growing strength of the Separate Telangana Movement, understanding the legitimacy of which and with an avowed will to stand by the people of his land, Sri Venkat Reddy went to the extent of relinquishing his position in the government as a Cabinet Minister.  He then joined hands with the agitating lot of the Telangana Movement and went on an indefinite hunger strike until he was arrested and admitted to the hospital after seven days of fast.